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Behind the Eterno Collection

Having neither beginning nor end, the circle has long been, across time and cultures the symbol of original perfection, the symbol of eternity.
This principle dominates our collection, which is a window to the past, a window to the prehistoric settlement of the Greek island of Santorini. It’s been said, Santorini was emerged from the sea and its harmonious shape undoubtedly inspired Herodotus, the father of history to call it Strogili, ‘the round one’. Through the ages, Santorini has also been known as Kalliste ‘the beautiful one’, Filitera or Filotera, Kalavria, Karisti, Tevsia, Thirameni and Rineia.
volcano surrounded by clouds on a sky full of stars
Almost 2500 years ago, the Greek philosopher Plato wrote about an incredibly wealthy and advanced civilization on an island. The people of this island had become very unethical and greedy. Around 1500 BC, Santorini, was ruined from Volcano Thera eruption changing what it once was. It was speculated that this was the divine punishment for its people. After being abandoned for centuries, Santorini begins to rewrite its history, keeping many secrets in the grounds until 1967 when one of them was unraveled.
During this period, excavations on the Greek island uncovered an ancient Greek city near the village of Akrotiri. The name of the city still remains a mystery.
It started life as a simple village but because it was positioned on the trade route between Europe and the Middle East, the money flowed in and it grew up into a big, prosperous city. For more than 3,500 years, the ancient Bronze Age community lay hidden, covered with hot lava and piles of ash preserving the remains, freezing it like a moment in time.
silver adjustable oval ring on a sketch of the island of santorini
For more than 3500 it was buried under the sea, untouched, standing still, waiting to be unveiled. Each piece of our collection is inspired from the beauty of Santorini and its mysteries, waiting to be discovered and meant to last for a lifetime.
detail of gold oval ring on lava background
detail of gold disc necklace on lava background
detail of silver sphere on lava background


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