Jewellery care

Maria Glezelli Jewellery is carefully handcrafted in our workshop in Florence by the designer herself. Each piece is brought to life after hours of meticulous labour and is entirely unique and un-replicable.

To keep your jewellery beautiful for many years to come, you need to follow a few simple steps.


We strongly advise removing your jewellery while cleaning, bathing, showering and swimming as well as during exercise, gardening, or any activity that involves exposing your jewellery to repeated scratching, or hard and abrasive surfaces. Always remove rings when washing your hands as the water can damage them by dulling their surface. It is also important that no chemicals, lotions or perfumes get in direct contact with the jewellery since harsh detergents can damage the plating. Avoiding this will protect your pieces and ensure longer wear.

Due to the intricate design of each piece, water could get trapped behind the surface of the jewellery and it is therefore very important that you thoroughly dry your jewellery after exposure to water.

Please note that it is essential to follow the above guidelines to avoid excessive wear and tear on the plating.


When your jewellery is not worn, keep the pieces in the Maria Glezelli box or pouch which you have received with your purchase. Try to make sure that the pieces are not touching to avoid tangling and scratching. For necklaces, it is always better to close them when they are being stored.


If your jewellery has been worn frequently, it tends to need a little clean. Clean your jewellery carefully with a soft, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth as this helps prevent any tarnish and also to cleanse the metal of skin, perfume or other “outside” particles. If necessary, you can use a bit of soap with warm water then rinse with clean water and dry carefully with a soft cloth. We would discourage using commercial liquid polish or “dips” on your jewellery, as these can remove the plating of the jewellery.