Signature Technique

Maria Glezelli hands making a slave ring

❛❛ Maria Glezelli’s work is deeply rooted in traditions and at the same time it leaps towards abstract and conceptual new worlds. Her visionary art-pieces mold uniques organic and natural forms in a continuous desire to unveil the unknown and shape new ideas.❜❜


It all starts with a precious silver wire. We only use sterling silver wires of the highest quality ethically sourced.

Maria Glezelli creating jewelry from her workshop in London


A wire is carefully chosen and knitted by hand by the designer herself. The wire follows a unique path before eventually evolving into a lightweight, flexible form. The knitting and shape moulding process is repeated for each component that will form the final piece.


All the elements are then gently soaked in a plating bath which gives them the distinctive colour and enhance their lustre and durability for many years to come.

We only use high quality metals including 18 carat gold and black rhodium.


Following a puzzle-like technique the plated components are then carefully assembled together to create the final piece of jewellery.