By using the traditional knitting technique in an innovative way, I encourage women to always remember their roots no matter where they live


Innovative Technique



Maria Glezelli Jewelry encourages women to reconnect with their roots, by reinterpreting a traditional knitting technique. We envision a future where women are empowered by believing in themselves and by valuing their heritage. By connecting with tradition in an innovative way, we inspire women to always remember their origins, no matter where they live


After years of experiments and struggles, in 2020 I founded Maria Glezelli Jewelry. I believe in the power that is inside each one of us and I embarked this solo journey with the aim of preserving traditions (read more about my story here). I am the proud founder and sole owner of my company and all pieces are knitted by hand by myself.


Although at first sight my pieces may look fragile, the constituent materials and assembling technique ensure their strength and robustness.
The intrinsic robustness of the base material and the freedom I have in choosing the knitting patterns, allows me to create tri-dimensional volumes that are inherently robust and lightweight.


Each piece is unique and non-replicable. Each piece is tailored to your needs.


My products are knitted with an old traditional technique but rather than threads I use metal wires thus reinterpreting an ancient craft in an innovative way.

❛❛ I have always been fascinated by opposing forces and particularly by the challenging dialogue between fragility and strength. This duality is what I’m trying to encapsulate in my work; the delicate feminine nature into a durable personal adornment❜❜


I am strongly influenced by the history of ancient cultures especially the greek and roman civilization as well as organic and natural elements seen in my surroundings. Each  collection is formed around a narrative, sometimes paying homage to a historical time period.

silver necklace for women on Santorini's island lava representation


From the vision behind the design to the construction, each piece has its own story to tell.

I intensely long my jewellery to provoke emotions; emotions derived from personal experiences and memories. Thereupon an emotional connection is born between the wearer and the piece with the latter embodying the person’s unique character.


The thrill of shaping textures and forms out of a single continuous line of wire fascinates me. Through a series of experiments and trials I developed an old knitting technique to construct flexible structures with dense patterns. Further traditional practices allow me to manipulate and form the metal to complete the piece to perfection.

Each piece is brought to life after hours of meticulous labor and is entirely unique and un-replicable as the patterns that the silver wire traces are always singular and exclusive.

model wearing cuff bracelet and slave ring


Preserving tradition is essential to me; it’s one of the things that allows people to feel connected with their heritage. My aim is to design contemporary yet timeless pieces for forceful women; women who cherish tradition and they are proud of their origins, their values and their achievements.

Made in London

Crochet wooden needles in various sizes
Maria Glezelli knitting a woven bracelet for women